new year's eve at makoto

at 9:15 pm we were seated at the sushi bar @ makoto. without hesitation we picked omakase which i think was a really good deal.

1. the mussel soup

2. petite serving

3. melt-in-your-mouth sashimi

my plus one for the evening


4. deep-fried shrimp in blanket with green tea and pepper flakes

5. miniature mushroom, shrimp, roe, fish, and veggie

6. japanese bbq - shown here scallop, beef, shrimp, shiitake mushroom

7. tuna mackerel yellowtail

8.1 ww had salmon

8.2 i had yellowtail

9.1 my wild vegetable based soba

9.2 ww's seaweed based soba

10. grape fruit shaved-ice

2 full people

after meal, we went to harris teeter and grabbed a bottle of 'california champagne' before heading home to celebrate the new year with the jas.

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