bb's bd

happy birthday you =)
we were in puerto rico driving here and there and filling up the tank before heading back to holiday inn to return the 'corolla-not-hyundai' we got from dollars car rental.
not gonna mention where we ended up going that morning... or where we ate for lunch.
but we managed to get ourselves along with the bags to the airport no problemo.

anyway.. there's no celebration going on that night after we arrived home.
but we did go out to some yummmmmm restaurants during the week.

and came the 6-hour cake saturday night.

layers of dark chocolate cake and white, between them chocolate buttercream and raspberries, and whipped cream and banana, all under one roof of dark chocolate buttercream somemore, with chocolate sprinkle and 2 raspberrie. =)

don't know how i pulled this one off.. but here're the pics from that night.

happy birthday love.

i love you!


new year's eve at makoto

at 9:15 pm we were seated at the sushi bar @ makoto. without hesitation we picked omakase which i think was a really good deal.

1. the mussel soup

2. petite serving

3. melt-in-your-mouth sashimi

my plus one for the evening


4. deep-fried shrimp in blanket with green tea and pepper flakes

5. miniature mushroom, shrimp, roe, fish, and veggie

6. japanese bbq - shown here scallop, beef, shrimp, shiitake mushroom

7. tuna mackerel yellowtail

8.1 ww had salmon

8.2 i had yellowtail

9.1 my wild vegetable based soba

9.2 ww's seaweed based soba

10. grape fruit shaved-ice

2 full people

after meal, we went to harris teeter and grabbed a bottle of 'california champagne' before heading home to celebrate the new year with the jas.